Current PhD students

Inês Almeida

António Simões

Lucas Balthazar

Co-advised with Bruno Sinopoli (CMU)

Pedro Guerreiro

José Rodrigues

Co-advised with T. Kanade (CMU) and P. Aguiar (IST)

Former PhD students

Brian Swenson

Co-advised with Soummya Kar (CMU)

PhD thesis: Myopic best-response learning in large-scale games (2017)

Augusto Santos

Co-advised with J. M. F. Moura (CMU)

PhD thesis: Bi-virus epidemics over large-scale networks: emergent dynamics and qualitative analysis (2014)

Dušan Jakovetić

Co-advised with J. M. F. Moura (CMU)

PhD thesis: Distributed optimization: algorithms and convergence rates (2013)

Dragana Bajović

Co-advised with B. Sinopoli (CMU)

PhD thesis: Large deviations rates for distributed inference (2013)

João Mota

Co-advised with M. Püschel (ETH) and P. Aguiar (IST)

PhD thesis: Communication-efficient algorithms for distributed optimization (2013)

Ricardo Ferreira

Co-advised with J. Costeira (IST)

PhD thesis: Reconstruction of isometrically embedded flat surfaces from scaled orthographic image data (2010)

Marko Beko

Co-advised with Victor Barroso (IST)

PhD thesis: Non-coherent communication in multiple-antenna systems (2008)