MSc Theses Currently (Co-)Supervised at IST

Mestrado Integrado 2020/2021 (MEEC)

  • UGV-UAV Cooperative Inspection of Solar Panels (Vicente Fernandes)

  • Benchmarking Mobile Robot Guidance / Local Motion Planning (Maria Salgueiro) - with Enrico Piazza

  • Autonomous Landing of an Aerial Robot on a Moving Platform (Isabel Castelo) - with Meysam Basiri

Mestrado Integrado 2019/2020 (MEAero)

  • Multi-Robot Surveillance Task Planning Under Uncertainty (António de Paula) - with Carlos Azevedo

Mestrado 2020/2021 (MEMec)

  • Learning to Drive Autonomously a Race Car (João Pinho) - with Miguel A. Botto

If you want to do an exciting MSc Thesis in Robotics, contact me. I have several open topics for theses.