The SocRob Project

The SocRob (Society of Robots/ Soccer Robots) project, started in 1997 at ISR, is a project on Cooperative Robotics, whose main case study and framework for research is robotic soccer. Work in the robotic soccer setting involves a very wide array of research topics and fields of expertise, to name a few:
·Software Engineering;
·Computer Vision;
Due to its multidisciplinary nature, research in robotic soccer easily extends and affects other scientific areas, most notably those involving multiagent systems, and therefore it is, in itself, a very relevant framework for research.

Our team, ISocRob, is a regular participant in national and international robotics competitions. I have participated in the SocRob project since 2007, and have been responsible for the team's self-localization, control, and obstacle detection/avoidance solutions. As of 2010 I also act as team coordinator.

The SocRob project is an invaluable source of experience in robotics for undergraduate students and others interested in this field of study, and is open to any applicants who may want to join in. If you want to participate, visit our website and contact us, stating your background and current work/student status.