VOLUMNECT: A cost-effective solution for 3D volume measurement for packing optimization

VOLUMNECT provides a solution to volume measurement using 3D cameras targetting the object packing problem. Application scenarios include warehouses or logistic companies where it is important to compute volumes promptly, yet high accuracy is not pivotal. VOLUMNECT automaticaly detects cuboid objects and computes their volume. The framework applies to a point cloud simple computer vision and image processing methods, attaining encoraging accuracy results (about 8mm), turning out to be a cost effective solution.

VOLUMNECT "Pipeline"

box_rgb_img box_depth_img box_depth_img box_depth_img box_depth_img box_depth_img
              1-RGB image;                         2-Depth image;                           3-Segmented planes;             4-Background removed;                 5-Common vertex;                   6-Computed lengths;


Paper pdf

Cite as: Beatriz Quintino Ferreira, Miguel Griné, Duarte Gameiro, João Paulo Costeira, Beatriz Sousa Santos, ”VOLUMNECT: Measuring Volumes with the Kinect TM”, in Proc. SPIE 9013, Three-Dimensional Image Processing, Measurement (3DIPM), and Applications 2014, 901304; doi: 10.1117/12.2036493

Application Tool (Practical 3D Hand Scanner)


Development of a portable and practical "3D Hand Scanner"

Images from camera 1                                                                                                Images from the 3D camera

Result: scanned room

Code (Matlab)

Technical Report pdf