eist88 v2

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First off, eist88 stands for ist88 emulator. Ist88 is the name of a board with an 80188 CPU, an LCD, a keypad and a few other peripherals used for teaching a Microprocessors class at IST.

When I took the class (back in spring of 2000) I noticed there was something lacking: a way for students to test their projects at home. There was an earlier buggy version (v1) that I had made, somewhere in 2001, but it was too cludgy and wouldn't compile in Windows. Since IST88 needs code to be compiled in OMF with intel's compiler, switching between linux and windows was not very friendly (of course DOSEMU would work all right but tell that to the freshmen).

In the Summer of 2002 I rewrote the eist88 almost from scratch and added a few important features that were missing/non-functional in v1 (interrupts and timers). It's now in the stage of bug correction and extra features addition. If anyone notices a bug or has ideas for features please send me a mail. I might implement them :)

To compile from scratch on linux you'll need the SDL and SDL_image libraries installed (get them at www.libsdl.org). For windows I've included the necessary .dll's and .lib's.

Since it has endured a whole semester of in class testing, there should not be many critical bugs still around. If you find a bug, please report it. Since the project has been on the drawer for many months, I cannot guarantee a fast response. I'll try documenting everytime I upload a new version in the "news" section below.

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Get the source code here (.tar.gz file changed 03 Dec 2002)
Precompiled Windows binaries here (zip file changed 04 Dec 2002)


Since I had some time left, here's a short manual.


(24 Jul 2003) - Seems like the course discontinued the use of the ist88 boards.

(02 May 2003) - All is quiet.

(03 Dec 2002) - I mistakingly thought timer 2 couldn't generate interrupts. As with many other things, I was wrong. Thanks to the person who reported this. Source code has been updated, windows binaries will be available tomorrow (done).

(15 Nov 2002) - There's a bug in the LCD busy indicator bit. It's reversed :] The updated source code has been uploaded, binaries will have to wait until monday, sorry (done). Thanks for the bug report.

(11 Nov 2002) - Windows binaries no longer (hopefully) have the bug "No entry point" concerning some OMF files. Seems like Windows was opening the file in text mode (remind me never to port stuff to Windows ;). Source code will be uploaded later (done).

(09 Nov 2002) - Homepage created. There is a bug in the Windows (works fine in linux) version of the emulator (stating "No entry point") for some OMF files. It seems Windows is reporting an end of file before it actually happens. I've made a few changes hoping to circumvent the problem but haven't had access to a machine with Visual C++ 6.0 since then. The changes are already in the source distribution above.

Questions/comments: eist88@pasquinade.cjb.net