YDreams Robotics is a spin-out of YDreams specializing in robotics, mechatronics, and the Internet of Things. Market-driven from the beginning, we expect to launch our first mass-consumer robots in 2014. We aim at embedding actuation onto materials, objects, and environments. We have created proprietary technologies internationally recognized as front-line R&D. The larger and most visible project was the Santander Interactive Guest Assistants (SIGA) project, a fleet of elegantly designed robots that use swarm interactions to guide guests around the bank’s Visitor Center in Madrid, in full continuous operation since 2010. Another international project with large visibility was the Link robot on the futuristic bank agency developed in 2012 for Bradesco Next in Brazil. We have market-oriented competences in personal/service robotics. We have internationally recognized R&D reputation, with 3 ongoing european and 1 national QREN Mobilizador research projects.


YDreams Robotics expects to contribute to the AHA: Augmented Human Assistance project, from both technical and commercial perspectives. YDR will provide know-how, involving a post-doctoral resource and a doctoral student, as well as company senior members, as technical consultants for projects’ technical tasks, providing the necessary know-how regarding augmented reality and mobile robots technology. We pretend to use state-of-the art equipment for the project, such as the recently launched Kinect2, for which is one of the few worldwide companies selected by Microsoft to test and evaluate its SDK with an early release. We also provide resources in our lab facilities, such as a 3D printer for fast prototyping, for project partners. Finally, we have commercial interests on project outcomes, since we are planning to productize our mobile robot technology, creating next generation of mobile robots with augmented reality capabilities that can be deployed into health care providers’ facilities. We propose to leverage project results with some of our main partners, such as Sport Algés & Dafundo, for further exploitation of project results.