Universidade Nova de Lisboa

The Foundation of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of “Universidade Nova de Lisboa” (FFCT/UNL) is a private nonprofit organisation created by the initiative of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology and its major aims are focused on the support of scientific research, technological development, training and consulting. The FFCT/UNL is located at Campus of Caparica, near Almada and is headed by a board composed by a President and two administrators. Nowadays, and in the accomplishment of the above mentioned objectives, the Foundation is responsible for the management of about two hundred projects financed by “Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia” (Ministry of Education and Science), five plurianual research centers, several projects financed by the European Commission and also provides consulting to both Portuguese private and public enterprises. The research team joins the competences for addressing the problems described with a strong vision of the research direction to be undertaken in the area of biomedical engineering. Hugo Gamboa from FCTUNL as the PI holds an advanced knowledge on signal processing and machine learning where several fundamental research works have studied electrophysiological signals, ensuring the needed awareness to the current status of this research field and the future direction to pursuit.



Hugo Gamboa is an assistant professor at the Physics Department of FCTUNL is an Assistant Professor at the Physics Department of the Sciences and Technology Faculty of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico, Technical University of Lisbon, In 2008 he was the winner of the Portuguese National Award “Futuras Promessas” ISA/Millennium BCP, granted to the best PhD thesis on Physics, Electronics, Informatics or Biomedical Engineering fields. In 2007 he was awarded with a grant from the Luso-American Development Foundation which led him to conduct research at the Pattern Recognition and Image Processing Lab, directed by the worldwide recognized researcher Dr. Anil Jain, at Michigan State University (USA). He has been involved in 3 FP7 projects: ICT4DEPRESSION , HARKEN and ABC. His research focus is medical intrumentation, biosignal processing and machine learning techniques applied to the creation of clinical applications.