Established in 2007, PLUX creates innovative products for Physiotherapists and Researchers, by developing an advanced biosignal monitoring platform that integrates wearable body sensors such as electromyography (EMG), electrocardiography, respiration, and accelerometers combined with wireless connectivity and software applications to deliver real value recognized by our target markets. The core product physioplux was designed for the world’s 350K physiotherapists, physioplux is a biofeedback EMG system that provides interactive experiences like a serious game to assess, guide and motivate patients, unlike current passive techniques. We enable clinics to offer a differentiated service that speeds patient recovery time, improves function and reduces pain. We have internationally recognized R&D reputation, with 3 ongoing european and 4 national QREN Mobilizador research projects.

PLUX expects to contribute to the AHA: Augmented Human Assistance project, from both technical and commercial perspectives. PLUX will provide know-how, with the participation of two researchers in the biomedical engineering field that are integrated in the research team of this project, both with a master degree and one of them currently a phd student. They will work as technical consultants for projects’ technical tasks, providing the necessary know-how regarding biosignals acquisition and processing. We
intend to use state-of-the art equipment for the project, such as the biosignalsplux acquisition unit and software. We also provide resources in our lab facilities, such as acquisition devices, components for new developments, and wearable sensors. We also have commercial interests on project outcomes and in the dissemination of our name through the work done.