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Pedro Miraldo

Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica,
Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa,
Torre Norte, Gab. 6.10, Av. Rovisco Pais, 1,
1049-001, Lisboa, Portugal
E-Mail: pedro (dot) miraldo (at) tecnico (dot) ulisboa (dot) pt
Ext.: 2196

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Short Bio:

Pedro Miraldo is currently a PostDoctoral Researcher at the Intstituto de Sistemas e Robótica, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, and an Invited Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa. He got his master and doctoral's degrees from Universidade de Coimbra (2008 and 2013 respectively), under the supervision of Prof. Helder Araujo.

His main research topics are: camera model calibration, camera pode, visual servoing, augmented reality, active vision, camera pose, and robot navigation.

He has more than 20 peer-review papers (conference and journal papers) and is involved in two projects (one national and one european). He participated in a total of eight projects.

Private area


[2017-2018] Computer Graphics (CS&E);
[2016-2017] Algorithms & Data Structures (ECE); and
[2015-2016] Control (ECE).

Current Students:

PhD Students:
[2017- ] André Mateus, 3D Vision and Visual Servoing;
[2016- ] Tiago Dias, 3D Vision and Computer Graphics.

MSc Students:
[2017- ] Gonçalo Pais (ECE/IST), Deep Learning and 3D Vision;
[2017- ] Soraia Ferreira (ECE/IST), Sivual Servoing;
[2017- ] Vítor Fernandes (CSE/IST), Robot Localization; [co-supervision]
[2017- ] José Mendes (ECE/IST), 3D Vision. [co-supervision]

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