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Pedro Miraldo

Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica,
Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa,
Torre Norte, Gab. 6.10, Av. Rovisco Pais, 1,
1049-001, Lisboa, Portugal
E-Mail: pedro(dot)miraldo(at)tecnico(dot)ulisboa(dot)pt
Ext.: 2196

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Short Bio:

I am a FCT post-doctoral researcher at the Intstituto de Sistemas e Robótica, Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal. I got my MSc and PhD degrees from the Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal (2008 and 2013 respectively), under the supervision of Prof. Helder Araujo.

My main current research topics are: 3D vision, pedestrian detection, and robot navigation using computer vision.


[02-2018] A paper accepted in CVPR;
[01-2018] A paper accepted in RAL/ICRA;
[01-2018] A journal paper accepted in OLEN;



Publication List
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[2017-2018] Computer Graphics (CS&E);
[2016-2017] Algorithms & Data Structures (ECE); and
[2015-2016] Automatic Control (ECE).

Current Students:

PhD Students:
[2017- ] André Mateus, 3D Vision and Visual Servoing;
[2016- ] Tiago Dias, 3D Vision and Computer Graphics.

MSc Students:
[2018- ] José Mota (EAer/IST), 3D Vision;
[2017- ] Gonçalo Pais (ECE/IST), Deep Learning and 3D Vision;
[2017- ] Vítor Fernandes (CSE/IST), Robot Localization [co-supervision]


MSc Students:
[2017] Soraia Ferreira (ECE/IST), Mobile Arm Visual Servoing for Object Manipulation.
[2017] José Mendes (ECE/IST), Forensic use of Mobile Phone Cameras: Measuring the Height of a Person. [co-supervision]
[2016] Luis Luz (ECE/IST), Cooperative Perception for People Tracking and Human-Aware Navigation.
[2016] Diogo Maximino (ECE/IST), Improvement of Non-Central Catadioptric Cameras Pose Estimation Using 3D Lines.
[2015] João O'Neill (ECE/IST), Semantic Maps for Domestic Robots. [co-supervision]
[2015] António Ribeiro (ECE/UC), "Odometria Visual usando campos visuais não sobrepostos". [co-supervision]
[2014] Tiago Dias (ECE/UC), Augmented Reality using Non-Central Catadioptric Imaging Devices. [co-supervision]

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Instituto de Sistemas e Robótica
Instituto Superior Técnico
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