Pramod Kumar Maurya

I am a  PhD student at Institute of Systems and Robotics, IST, Lisbon for last 3 years.  I am working on cooperative navigation for multiple marine crafts using Terrain maps and ranges among the vehicles. I work at National Institute Oceanography, Goa, India as a research scientist. I am on study leave to learn and to contribute to marine robotics field during my PhD. My Phd supervisor is Dr Antonio Pascoal.

Scientific Interests

Under water Navigation with special interests in Geophysical based navigation, Single beacon navigation.

Cooperative Navigation and Control of Marine Vehicle.


NIO Publication, ISR Publication

Hobbies and other Activities

Playing badminton, Underwater Hockey, Underwater Rugby

Reading books

I also like to take Pictures, whenever I get chance. See Here:  General Pics,  Kids day at ISR, UWH2011


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