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Academic Degrees

Ph. D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Instituto Superior Técnico, 2008

M. Sc. in Computer Science and Software Engineering. Universidad de los Andes, 2002

Computer Science and Software Engineering. Universidad de los Andes, 2000

Mechanical Engineering. Universidad de los Andes, 1998

Ph. D. Thesis

Title: “Object component models using Gabor filters for visual object recognition.” (PDF)

Supervisor: José Santos-Victor

Co-supervisor: Alexandre Bernardino

Short summary: In this thesis we explore the properties of Gabor functions in the context of component-based object recognition. Current component-based object recognition approaches represent objects as constellation of sub-parts, dividing the problem in three stages: interest region selection, image region description and, eventually, the recognition step. We introduce novel methods using Gabor filters for interest point selection and image region description. Performance is evaluated with state-of-the-art object recognition architectures.

Current research projects

Researcher on the AHA project (Augmented Human Assistance)

Researcher on the INSIDE project (Intelligent Networked Robot Systems for Symbiotic Interaction with Children with Impaired Development)

Previous research projects

Co-principal investigator on the First-MM project (Flexible Skill Acquisition and Intuitive Robot Tasking for Mobile Manipulation in the Real World).

Researcher on the MAIS+S project (Multiagent Intelligent Surveillance System).

Research assistant on the URUS (Ubiquitous Networking Robotics in Urban Settings) project.

Research assistant on the CAVIAR (Context Aware Vision using Image-based Active Recognition) project.

Current research interests

  • Robotics: Visually oriented grasping and object affordances
  • Computer Vision: Visual object recognition and human activity recognition in videos

 Previous research interests

  • Teleoperation