Matteo Taiana

PhD student in Computer Vision and Robotics.

Pedestrian Detection

An Improved Labelling for the INRIA Person Data Set for Pedestrian Detection:

3D object tracking

Tracking a cuboid in 3D with one dioptric omnidirectional camera:

Real-time 3D tracking of a sphere, robust to occlusion, blur, high accelerations:

Tracking a non-uniformly colored ball in 3D on cluttered background:

The iCub robot grasping a ball, the fruit of the collaboration between the grasping group and the visual attention group at the VVV08 summer school:

Tracking a ball through a partial occlusion with one fisheye camera:

Tracking a ball with one catadioptric camera:

Tracking a robot with one catadioptric camera:

Tracking an apple with the ball tracker (just for fun):