Current Students


Catarina Barata (PhD*)

Instituto Superior Técnico

Carlos Santiago (PhD*)

Instituto Superior Técnico




Former Students


Arnaldo J. Abrantes (MSc, PhD)

Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon


Jacinto Nascimento (MSc, PhD,PD)

Researcher at ISR


João Sanches (PhD)

Instituto Superior Técnico


Pedro M. Jorge (MSc, PhD*)

Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon


Jorge G. Silva (MSc, PhD*)

Duke University, USA

Lourenço Bandeira (PhD*)

Instituto Superior Técnico

Catarina Barata (MSc*,PHD*)

Instituto Superior Técnico

Carlos Santiago (MSc*,PhD*)

Instituto Superior Técnico

Jorge F. Nunes (MSc)

Pedro Sequeira (MSc)


Rui Jesus (MSc*)

Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon

Fábio Silva (MSc*)

Ricardo Martins (MSc*)

Deloitte, Portugal

Luis Rosado (MSc*)

Fraunhofer Portugal

João Pacheco (MSc*)


João Fernandes (MSc*)

Mitsubishi Europe

Eduardo Bicacro (MSc*)

Boston Consulting Group

Sérgio Copeto (MSc*) 

Albatroz Engineering

Ana Mazo (MSc*)

Geutebrück GmbH Spain

Marta de Aguero (MSc*)

Telefónica, Spain

Mariana Francisco (MSc*)

VAMED Management und Service Germany

Margarida Ruela (MSc*)


Pedro Morgado (MSc*)

University of California, San Diego, USA

João Antunes (MSc*)


Rebeca Bastos (MSc*)


André Coelho (MSc*)


Magda Rocha (MSc*)


Ricardo Fernandes (MSc*)

Instituto Superior Técnico






Alexandre Bernardino

Instituto Superior Técnico


André Marçal

University of Porto


Andrew Gee

University of Cambridge


Fausto Pinto

Hospital de Santa Maria


Gilles Celeux

Université Paris-Sud


João Miranda Lemos

Instituto Superior Técnico


Jorge Rozeira

Hospital Pedro Hispano


M. Emre Celebi

Louisiana State University


Margarida Silveira

Instituto Superior Técnico


Mário Figueiredo

Instituto Superior Técnico


Miguel Barão

University of Évora


Nicolás Pérez de la Blanca

University of Granada


Paula Rocha

University of Porto


Paulo Jorge Ferreira

University of Aveiro


Pedro Pina

Instituto Superior Técnico


Richard Prager

University of Cambridge


Teresa Mendonça

Universidade do Porto




I work in image and signal processing from a model based point of view. The main question I try to address is: how can we extract useful information from signals and images and e.g., segment organs in medical images, track pedestrians in video signals or detect abnormal behaviors.

I have been involved in the following problems:


Image Processing

(object tracking and robust deformable models)

I am interested in the estimation and tracking of moving objects in video sequences, using deformable models (elastic curves and surfaces). The main challenges I try to address concern the development of robust estimation methods for shape tracking.

Refs: 1, 2, 3, 4

This work was done in collaboration with Jacinto Nascimento, Arnaldo Abrantes, Gilles Celeux, João Lemos, Margarida Silveira.



Biomedical Applications

I have been  involved in two problems: estimation of 3D volumes from a set of noisy ultrasound images (3D ultrasound) and organs segmentation and tracking using robust deformable models.

We developed volume reconstruction algorithms for free hand 3D ultrasound.  Volume reconstruction is done taking into account multiplicative (speckle) noise, geometric deformations and nonlinear measurements which occur duting the acquisition process.

We have also developed robust tracking algorithms for deformable shapes with outlier rejection and multiple dynamic models. We have applied these algorithms to track the left ventricle of the heart in ultrasound images.

We are currently involved in the project ADDI.

Refs: 5, 6, 7, 8

This work was done in collaboration with João Sanches, Jacinto Nascimento.




This work aims to track moving pedestrians in a vídeo-surveillance system and to characterize their activities.

We have developed a system to track pedestrians in groups which can deal with group merging and splitting. This system is based on statistical inference with Bayesian networks.

We can also characterize human activities using hierarchical dynamical models. We learn a set of atomic activities from the video sequence (standing, moving left, right, etc) are define higher order models based on sequences of atomic activities.

We are currently involved in the project ARGUS.

Refs: 9, 10, 11

This work was done in collaboration with Jacinto Nascimento, Mário Figueiredo, Arnaldo Abrantes, Pedro Jorge, João Lemos,


Manifold Learning

The image of a face has hundreds of variables. The space dimension n is very high. However there is a strong dependence among these variables. Valid face images belong to a subset (manifold) of the n-dimensional space with a low intrinsic dimension. How can we estimate this subset (manifold), its dimension and use this information to improve image processing task? This problem has been recently addressed by a number of researchers.

We tried to address these questions in the Ph. D. work of Jorge Silva and develop a method for manifold estimation which we call tangent bundle approximation.

Refs: 12, 13

This work was done in collaboration with Jorge Silva, João Lemos.



Selected Publications

1.     Arnaldo J. Abrantes, A Class of Constrained Clustering Algorithms for Object Boundary Extraction, IEEE Trans. Image Processing, 1507-1521, 1996.

2.     Gilles Celeux, Jorge S. Marques, Jacinto Nascimento, Learning Switching Dynamic Models for Objects Tracking, Pattern Recognition, vol. 37, nº9 , 1835-1840, September 2004.

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11.  Pedro M. Jorge, Arnaldo J. Abrantes, J. M. Lemos, Jorge S. Marques, Long Term Tracking of Pedestrians with Groups and Occlusions, in Bayesian Network Technologies: Applications and Graphical Models, Ankush Mittal and Dr. Ashraf Kassim (eds.), Chapter VIII, in press, 2007.

12.  Jorge G. Silva, Jorge S. Marques, João M. Lemos, Selecting Landmarkpoints for Sparse manifold Learning, NIPS, 2005.