Former Students and Collaborators

Parking a model car using image data

PhD students

Generating Timed Trajectories for an Autonomous Robot. Jorge Silva. PhD thesis, co-supervision with Cristina Santos, June 2015, University of Minho, Portugal.


MSc students

- Hybrid Modelling and Control for an Autonomous Passenger Car (2018). André Carvalho

- Multi-Stage Model Predictive Control for Trajectory Tracking problem on a real autonomous car (2018). Vítor Alveirinho

- Arquitectura confiável para interface com o robot Monarch (2017). Sofia Ferreira

- Expressive Movement: Towards a Stronger Bond Between Humans and Robots (2016). Catarina Lima

- Gesture Recognition with EMG and IMU data for social human-robot interaction in a hospital —Jan Behrenbeck

- 3D 4D Masses (2016) — Luís Trigueiro

- Reaction Sphere Actuator (2015) — António Craveiro

- Dynamics Modeling of a Race Car (2015) —Tiago Oliveira

- Indoors localization of a robot using RFID tags (2015) —Duarte Gameiro

- Recognizing Emotions from Robot Motion (2015) — Maria Braga

- Human-Aware Navigation in Networked Environments (2015). André Mateus (co-supervision with Pedro Lima)

- Estimation of Physical Parameters of Spacecrafts (2012) - Tiago Milhano (co-supervision with Emanuele di Sotto from GMV)     

- Localization and mapping of targets from an aerial vehicle (2012) -José Sousa

- Architecture for augmented reality interface (2012) - Davide Periquito (co-supervision with Prof. Jacinto Nascimento)

- Decision and control system for a solar powered train (2012) - Beatriz Féria

- Experimental power supply for robot inspection of overhead power lines (2011) - Diogo Lopes (co-supervision with Prof. Fernando Silva)

- Dynamics and Control of a Motorbike (2011) - Marco di Vittori

- Contactless Power Supply for Transmission Line Inspection (2010) - João Caxias (co-supervised with Prof. Fernando Silva)

- Anthropomorphic Locomotion of a Humanoid Robot (2010) - Carlos Neves (co-supervision with Prof. Rodrigo Ventura)

- Automatic parking of a car using only a single low cost camera (2007) - Mário Florêncio / Pedro Agostinho

- Automatic car driving in highways (2007) - André Gonçalves / André Godinho

- Rational Trigonometry Applied to Robotics (2007) - João Pequito

- A Personal Assistant Robot for Indoor Environments (2007) - Luís Tavares

Voltage and current at the transformer secondary

Transformer prototype

Estimation of the center of mass

of a spacecraft

Mentoring the LEARS team in ESA’s Odysseus II contest

The HANS system working on a real vehicle

Comparing real telemetry data (blue) with the model developed (red)

Section of Montmelo racetrack near Barcelona, Spain