About Me

my pic I am a Post-Doctoral research fellow at the Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR), part of Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), in Lisbon, Portugal. My current work is primarily focused on MOnarCH, an FP-7 project on social robotics.

My main research interest is on decision-making under uncertainty for robots. I have recently finished my PhD thesis on this particular topic, under the orientation of Prof. Pedro Lima (ISR-IST) and Dr. Matthijs Spaan (TU Delft).

Even though my current work is focused on high level decision-making and artificial intelligence, my background in the field of robotics and control covers diverse topics. In 2008, I completed my MSc degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at IST, on the topic of mobile robot navigation, modeling and control. Since then, I have been a member of the research teams for several projects at ISR on the topics of cooperative robotics / networked robot systems. I have also participated in various national and international Robotics competitions as a member of the SocRob project.