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Research interests:

Main interests: Visual Navigation and Calibration. Our endeavour is designing and developing navigation systems making parsimonious use of hardware and computational resources. More in detail, we approach navigation of wheeled, legged or humanoid robots, involving continuous self-calibration based on proprioceptive data as provided by vision and inertial sensors. While many approaches rely on costly computational resources to do full environment reconstruction, as e.g. SLAM, we explore the use of customized vision sensors, topological, appearance-based representations and attention mechanisms to develop efficient navigation systems. Our work targets designing and developing novel non-conventional cameras, combining different reflective surfaces with lenses, space-variant imaging, different sensitivity spectra, depth sensing, aggregation of multiple cameras, and active light projection.

Worked/working areas: Topological Camera-Calibration; Networked Cameras Calibration; Multi Target Tracking; Video Surveillance; Omnidirectional Vision; Vision-based Nonlinear Control for Unicycle Robots; Ground Plane Obstacle Detection; Stereo Matching and Surface Reconstruction. Keywords: Computer and Robot Vision, namely 3D information recovery, Visual self-localization and Navigation for mobile robots and Visual Obstacle detection.

ORCID: 0000-0002-9502-2151. Google Scholar: iVM2NhkAAAAJ. ResearcherID: C-6565-2008. Scopus Author ID: 7006015443. Ciência Vitae: 3A14-F0B2-0FDA. ResearchGate: José Gaspar.

Topological Camera-Calibration Project

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Catadioptric System for Omnidirectional Vision:

Omnidirectional cameras give omni-awareness to mobile robots. This is a principal motivation for all the work we have done, and will continue doing, on omnidirectional sensors. Finding the desired parameters, the required materials and finding lots of help to build it, was the effort that makes really a pleasure to see the labmate performing the first Visual Path Following experiments.

For an extended listing of links to research and commercial omnidirectional cameras you may wish to check the Page of Omnidirectional Vision hosted by the GRASP Laboratory .







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