Photo Gallery

The Prometeo project (SENESCYT Ecuador) 2014-2017

Energy Efficency in Industry group (INER)

Prometeo project general meeting

Prometeo project general meeting

Villonaco wind farm in Ecuador (Preeolica/Prometeo project)

AAAI Fall meeting 2015 (Arlington, USA)

Yes, it is Thomas Dietterich in the background

ISAP 2015 (Porto, Portugal)

Vladimiro Miranda, the ISAP 2015 local chairman, and me

Pablo Ibarguengoytia, Kwang Lee and me at the ISAP 2015 conference dinner.

Isabel Praca, me, Pablo Ibarguentia and Zita Vale at ISAP 2015.

PREEOLICA project Mexico-Ecuador (CONACYT / IDB) (2012-2014)

Baltra wind farm, Galapagos, Ecuador (Preeolica project)

Closing meeting at IIE Mexico (Preeolica project)

La Venta II wind farm, Oaxaca Mexico (Preeolica project)

The DYNAMO project (2009-2011)

DYNAMO General meeting in Ljubiana.

Ivan Bratko is seating next to me.

DYNAMO General
                          meeting in Ljubiana

DYNAMO General meeting in Ljubiana.

DYNAMO Kick-off meeting at INAOE-Puebla


After a hard day at ICAPS/AAMAS 2010 we deserved a Jazz session. This is me with Matthijs T. J. Spaan and Frans A. Oliehoek.

Here with Eduardo Morales during the ICAPS/AAMAS 2010 sailing banquet on lake Ontario in Toronto Canada.

The postdoct. This is a selection of the most representative pictures during my stay in IST

At  Jonas and  Alessio's place. From left to right: Mireia, Camelia, Alessio, Matthijs, Jonas, Maritza and me.

At Matteos
                  and Ruben's place

My last day at Técnico at Rubén and Matteo's  place (October 2009). Ram, Matthijs, Rubén, Matteo, Plinio and myself.

At my

At my place in Arroios. Up from left to right: Rubén, Frans, Matthijs. Down: Me and Ram

My office
This  was my office (Rajneesh should have been behind me)

My door's plate
My  wall  plate at the 6th floor of north tower

My first day at Técnico
My first day at Técnico (January 2009)