"A distributed control system (DCS) refers to a control system usually of a manufacturing system, process or any kind of dynamic system, in which the controller elements are not central in location (like the brain) but are distributed throughout the system with each component sub-system controlled by one or more controllers. The entire system of controllers are connected by networks for communication and monitoring."

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This module's main objective is to provide students with the concepts and tools for the implementation of real-time control systems in distributed environments. In particular, it will focus on: 1) control system design taking into account both system dynamics and distributed architectures constraints. 2) analyse and design real-time control systems with distributed network solutions such as Ethernet and CAN-BUS. 3) programming real-tie control solutions on PC's and microcontrollers.


  • Alexandre Bernardino. Email: alex(at)isr(dot)ist(dot)utl(dot)pt
  • Josť Gaspar. Email: jag(at)isr(dot)ist(dot)utl(dot)pt

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